Landmark of Dubai

Well-known and famous buildings in Dubai

Dubai is known for shocking the horizon beyond the tall buildings, most of which are record breakers in some structure or others. Most high-rise buildings include important matters that should not be wrong to make them perform against groups that are effectively essential. Every guest to Dubai with enthusiasm that supports the design (or even someone who is just like a post that looks cool) will be inspired by what this city brings to the table. Here, we have provided a list of the ten best high rise in Dubai. Most professional car rental companies have a team of experienced chauffeurs, who you can hire if you don’t have the idea of the city routes. If you need to hire cheap car rental Dubai services, you certainly need to select a professional rental company that is offering different car rental packages from which you can select according to your budget. 

Almas Tower

The Almas Tower stated Diamond Tower. This is a leader who works in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai. This structure is home to the Dubai Multi-Commodity Center and combine offices for wealthy gemstone industry in the region – especially pearls, which were developed from the Arabian Gulf, and precious stones. This is the explanation behind the structure of the conversations. To be honest, the platform where trading occurs gems meant to look like a triangle aspect of precious stones are cut. Security for the structure is very extreme, because the idea of ​​working on the inside. You can take pictures outside either.

Infinity Tower

The official name for this structure is the Infinity Tower. However, in addition to you, you will find people who mentioned their past, Infinity Towers, or the name of their daily, Rotating Towers. Regardless of what you call it, the fact remains prominent among the highest type of Dubai. This structure is intended to rotate the tip 90 degrees, so that the entire structure takes after helix. You will often observe visitors who wish to take a photo with the structure – so striking. Another interesting truth is that this structure is also economical – modelers accidentally put a space in the structure to prevent overheating. This is an exceptional case of maintenance and style.

Princess tower

Princess Tower is the second tallest building in Dubai and the tallest structure on the planet 24. Likewise, until 2015, he also made improvements as the highest private structures on the planet as well. The peak is called ‘Princess’ on the grounds that the roof looks like a crown placed on the structure. Located in the same zone with Infinity Tower, so if you complete the design excursions, you can do a lot of stretching according to your schedule. Are you interested in hiring a professional car rental Dubai Company to fulfill your traveling needs? Or tired of hiring non-professional Car Hire services, if yes, you surely can select a professional car rental company in this regard.


If you appreciate the Little Mermaid, you will honor this luxury lodging resort. For one, it is located on the Palm, a man-made island shaped like a palm tree. Very interesting without the other. However, when you reach the inn itself, you will really feel that you have ventured into the sea paradise. The inn itself looks like a castle, with turrets and open curves.

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